Create a lean production environment


DAFI helps you pursue the ideal state of perfect processes and performance. DAFI harmoniously bridges the ERP and production line. Whether it's in the office or on the shop floor, our software makes a difference everywhere. And we truly believe in lean. Here at Leanware BVBA, it is our mission to guide you on your quest to set up a lean production environment.

Our software grows with your business


We offer various versions of our software for everyone involved in the production process. Touch screen interfaces for the operators, warehouse management on portable devices and a full MES client for office use. Our software has lots of functionalities and modules ready for use on installation. It is also possible for your business to implement your own ideas and wishes in our MES. Customizing the software is one of our continuous activities and specialities.

We offer great support


Don't worry about getting stuck in DAFI. We offer our customers great and continuous support throughout the workweek. Get expert answers, during office hours, to questions you may have about your DAFI installation. You can reach us through customer email support or make a phone call to our office, we are always happy to help you.