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Thoroughly optimizing workflow

Expand beyond the scope of your ERP system. Our MES solution integrates your planning into a fluid system that interacts with all employees. From logistics to production, DAFI places its users in the centre of the workflow.

Everywhere you go

Fully scalable to your needs, the DAFI MES system is used on desktop, touchscreens, and portable devices. Making sure that everyone is involved in the production cycle.

Capture every aspect

The basic pack of DAFI has got you covered on multiple grounds. Personnel management with different shift and pause systems, order management, real time viewing of operation status, calculation of produced quantities, full touch screen interfaces and so much more…

Expand the monitoring capabilities

Optional modules include our quality control tools (available on portable devices), dedicated automatic labelling of pallets, messaging, planning with graphical feedback on PC + touch interfaces and full control of components supply and traceability.

Create your own paperless production

Do you have even more wishes, special adjustments to the software, would you like to enquire for more info? Feel free to contact us anytime.


DAFI utilises several dedicated components to create its platform. To set this up, an entire logistic and practical environment is created. DC boxes capture data from the machine and allow the operator to access a HMI (human machine interface). The database is configured to be the centre of the platform. Desktop and touchscreen clients are connected to it through quick ethernet connections. Portable devices can be set up to use a quality control or logistic applications, these also communicate with the main server. These devices could be PDA's for quality control, forklift computers for logistic applications or even tablets.


We offer various packages of tools, and we utilise these on several platforms. Our software takes care of production scheduling, production execution, product analysis, analysis of the bill of materials and production reports.

The Dafi MES platform has different applications that can be used on desktop computers, touchscreen interfaces and portable devices. The configuration of our exciting tools are configured for your specific type of needs. Because each aspect of the shop floor has other demands, some require portability, other necessities need stability, and/or quick controls.

DAFI has a solution for each of these. Check the various product options that we support to find out more.

How does MES software work?

A MES (Manufacturing Execution System) application manages and monitors the work that is going on in the workplace. DAFI keeps track of all production information in real time and receives data minute to minute from the shop floor.

Although DAFI can be used as an independent MES, usually it is configured to be integrated with ERP systems. The ultimate goal of an DAFI is to improve productivity and to reduce the production cycle time. By integrating the MES with ERP software, it is possible for factory managers to guarantee deliveries of high quality products in a timely and cost effective way.