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DAFI client is the software to be used for your production planning. The planning program offers a digital, graphic planning board that provides insight into the current status and progress of production orders at various locations. The clear visualization and user-friendliness offer all users, including planning and management, overview and insight of the production.


You can evaluate any captured data using the DAFI graphics tool. Track data of efficiency, changeover time, stop time, quality control, weightings, technicians, ... It is also possible to acquire a drilldown for the entire shop floor or the individual production centres. You can check trend reports, and get access to a lot of information.


The icon screen shows a detailed real time view of the current status of the shop floor. Every tile shows updates of status reports that you can identify by colour. It shows the current order, amount, and other useful information.

·         Real time view

·         Various reports

·         Relevant information

·         Positioning of the machines

Order management & control

DAFI allows for full control of the order management. We align our service with incoming external data, and process it in DAFI. Every aspect of the production can be altered, customized and managed like you want, before it reaches the production line. Management in de desktop application includes these aspects:

  • Order management
  • Order setup control
  • Changeover
  • Clean up management
  • Confirmation on amounts
  • Production gain/loss
  • Components gain/loss
  • Automatic order registration
  • Personnel management (absences, badging data, type of work)
  • Production timing (stop, start, standstills)
  • ...