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Quality Control on portable devices

DAFI's applications provide many solutions on portable devices. We have QC programs that allow operators to issue quality controls to the entire scope of an order, ensuring products are properly checked. All checks are sent to the database. Our applications are run on portable devices such as PDA's or tablet devices. PDA’s come with an onboard scanner build-in, which allows our program to check barcodes for traceability and its readability.

The DAFI Quality Control app is run on a handheld device like a PDA and makes it easy for the user to perform a quality control. The program will also send a notification whenever a test has to take place. The program can check a QC assignment at the beginning, during or at the end of an order. Even when the production order is at the warehouse, an additional QC check can be registered.

DAFI QC has several types of checks: including components control, yes/no tests, evaluate value results and checking the readability of a barcode. The program is designed to send feedback to the responsible personnel on non-conformity tests which they can then handle in a structured way and it shows an historic overview of previous tests (by production order).

Warehouse assistance

We developed an application especially for forklift vehicles, based on the Just In Time (JIT) inventory practice which is a method of inventory control that brings material into the production process and warehouse just in time to be used, which reduces the need to store excessive levels of material on the production floor. Next to that, the DAFI warehouse assistance application also works following the First in, First out principle (FIFO), which is used as a quick and safe way to maintaining and managing inventory and create a lean way of component picking.

To run our software, mounted forklift computers are used, designed to assist the warehouse forklift drivers. Info is displayed on the screen, notifying the driver when they should transport components to a production line and how many components are needed.  This is controlled by a numerator that reads the bill of materials and notifies the driver instantly when resources are required. DAFI calculates stock in real time and the minimum required time to run autonomously. Instructions are given to the forklift driver in order of priority. The HMI at the production line is also used to input quick actions into the system including: notifying bad components, extra components, or even leftovers. All the controls on the touchscreen are presented in a user-friendly interface for optimal controls. Data is continuously captured and provided on the main DAFI Client application, allowing optimal management of operations.