DAFI touchscreen: simple controls at the production line

The operator needs up-to-date and real-time information in the workplace. Which settings belong to this product? Which materials can I use? How often do I have to perform a check? The MES Operator Client offers a user-friendly overview that every operator can work with. We put the operator in the centre of the production process with the touchscreen application of DAFI.

We offer this program on Dafi terminals that are installed at the production line. The operator can log into the system, look up the schedule, enter production information, check the efficiency, enter standstills reasons (start and endings of a standstill are registered automatically), and a lot more. We also offer optional modules to expand the functionalities within DAFI on touchscreen, which include quality control, traceability & readability using barcode scanning, messaging, an app for technicians, weight checks and an overview of earlier performed product weightings.

DAFI's touchscreen app keeps track of all captured data. Showing it directly on the touchscreen. Easy controls allow for quick interaction with the operator at the line.

Quick visual feedback

The DAFI touchscreen interface has a great design that immediately shows feedback on the current order and progression of the production in general. We use tiles that can change colour to indicate an urgency. Green tiles indicate a good and steady progress, while red tiles alert that an issue needs to be solved.

The tiles also show the production managers and supervisors quickly how a line is performing. Operators now have a central station to log into, and report to management.

This application has basic components, these are the following:

·         operator login

·         production schedule

·         production history

·         product info

·         efficiency

·         standstills

·         amounts

·         used items

·         articles

·         product changeovers

We also offer optional modules, ready to be implemented into the touchscreen interface:

·         component tests

·         messaging

·         quality control (with optional barcode scanners)

·         weight check + weight history overview

·         technicians app for reporting